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вторник, 10 март 2009 г.

Кукери - село Ярджиловци

  • Length: 9:43
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  • Author: TodorAleksandrov

Tags: Кукери село Ярджиловци перник брезник сурва kukeri surva bulgaria macedonia masks costumes kuker traditional festival spirits chase chasing ghost сурвакари чауши бабугери станчинари джамалари

Кукери - село Ярджиловци Kukeri (Bulgarian: кукери; singular: кукер, kuker) is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with a costumed man performing the ritual. The costumes cover most of the body and includes decorated wooden masks of animals (sometimes double-faced) and large bells attached to the belt. Around New Year and before Lent, the kukeri walk and dance through the village to scare evil spirits away with the costumes and the sound of the bells, as well as to ...

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